Troubleshooting an Agent installation

Symptom: Actifile is deployed using an RMM tools or another automated tool – and yet the devices don’t appear under the Installed Devices in the Actifile portal.

Troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Check if the agent was installed but failed to connect or the agent was never installed.

Check if installedCheck one of the installed machines for the existence of the c:\program files(x86)\Actifile Agent\logs\AFLogxxxxxx file(s)
If these exist, the system was installed and we need to check what failed during the installation. Continue with Step 2a.

If the files and directories don’t exist – the agent wasn’t installed. Continue with Step 2b.

Step 2a: If the agent was installed and still won’t connect to the server (isn’t showing in the Installed Devices page) check the following:


Check Correct License key
Check the install key against the deployment tab. make sure the correct key is used and that the install (and not uninstall key) was used

Make sure that the keys are formatted identically (no extra spaces, proper hyphen use, etc.). If a key is ABCD-EFGH-IJKL-MNOP don’t use abcdefghijklmnop – it won’t work…

If the wrong key was used, the agent has to be uninstalled and reinstalled using the correct key.

Check network issues
Check the AFLogXXXX files for error messages.
For example, SSL Trust Broken messages would imply a SSL-DPI breaking the certificate trust.
Cannot connect would imply a firewall blocking communication.

Step 2b: If the agent wasn’t installed, we need to check if the failure is in the installation process or in the RMM pushing the installation out:

CheckHow Notes
Check installer problemsCopy the MSIEXEC command to an administrator CMD window. Delete the /Quiet parameter at the end so we could see the errors that pop up.
If there are errors (like MSI installer not found, or that the installer doesn’t have privilege’s to run the installer form the share) correct them and rerun until the install is successful.
Copy the corrected commend to the RMM and rerun.
Verifying Installer permissionsMake sure the RMM runs the installer using the correct (administrator) privileges’.
Different RMMs handle the “runas” parameter differently. Remember to use elevated privileges to install Actifile.
Check network share
Ensure the Actifile MSI is accessible to the MSIEXEC installer.

Unless your RMM loads and pushes the installer to a local (temp) directory – the Actifile MSI must be stored in an accessible share with permissions that allow it to be accessed and run from a remote machine.

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